What Does The Price Include?
The covers are individually priced. You can see the price below the cover, above the “pre-order” link. The following changes are included:

  • Basic changes: the fake title and author for your title and your name (or pen name).
  • Text change: adding or deleting text (e.g. a subtitle, a review, “Amazon bestseller”, etc.).
  • Deleting decorative elements: e.g. deleting corner decorations, underlinings, etc.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the pictures in the cover cannot be modified. E.g. deleting a tree, a house, etc.

  • Size change: If you need the cover in another size, I can do it only if it’s not very far from the cover original proportions (5:8). Sometimes it won’t be possible due to the size of the pictures used in the cover. Ask for the size change before you pay the cover.
  • Changes in the file type: The covers are in JPG format. That’s the specification for Amazon Kindle (and for most sites), but if you need the cover in another format (like PNG or PDF) I can change it. Ask for the change before you pay the cover in case there was some problem.
  • Font color change: You can make two font color changes, and then you can back to the original font color if you don’t like the results.

Premade ebook covers - Font color change

These changes are included in the price while I’m working in your cover. Once the work is done and I’ve emailed you the final cover, if you want any change along the time, I charge $15 for extra changes (see Additional services).

If you want a change on your cover, you can ask for it in the pre-order form (comments section) or you can email me at contact@premadeebookcovers.co.uk.

Click here to see what files I am going to send you.

For more information, see Additional services and FAQ.

If you have some other question about what the price includes, email me at contact@premadeebookcovers.co.uk.